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Weblogic offers Domain Name Registration services.

Recommended stakeholders belonging to the above categories apply for the assignment of Domain Names in the corresponding second level domains.

A Domain Name (internet domain name) is a word we choose to we can easy to connect to a computer on the Internet. This word always further identified by a suffix that identifies in some way the "area" of the network to which it belongs.

Domain Search:

TLD Minimum Years Register Transfer Renew
.gr 2 €22.00EUR FREE €22.00EUR 2 €22.00EUR FREE €22.00EUR 2 €22.00EUR FREE €22.00EUR 2 €22.00EUR FREE €22.00EUR 2 €22.00EUR FREE €22.00EUR 1 €25.00EUR €25.00EUR €25.00EUR
.com 1 €12.00EUR €12.00EUR €12.00EUR
.net 1 €14.00EUR €14.00EUR €14.00EUR
.eu 1 €14.00EUR €14.00EUR €14.00EUR
.org 1 €14.00EUR €14.00EUR €14.00EUR
.biz 1 €14.00EUR €14.00EUR €14.00EUR
.info 1 €14.00EUR €14.00EUR €14.00EUR
.name 1 €12.00EUR €12.00EUR €12.00EUR
.me 1 €20.00EUR €20.00EUR €20.00EUR
.mobi 1 €20.00EUR €20.00EUR €20.00EUR
.blog 1 €30.00EUR €30.00EUR €30.00EUR
.host 1 €95.00EUR €95.00EUR €95.00EUR
.de 1 €10.00EUR €10.00EUR €10.00EUR
.nl 1 €10.00EUR €10.00EUR €10.00EUR 1 €25.00EUR €25.00EUR €25.00EUR

If you are interested in registrering a name and you want to avoid the procedure let us do it for you.

Payment can be made by credit card / paypal / delivery within 24 working hours.

After expiry of 24 working hours if not certified the payment of the outstanding deleted vesting process.

By paying the registration fee by the Registrant remains the domain available for registration to all interested parties and can not guarantee the future availability.

For any information do not hesitate to contact us.



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